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Wellcome to Hotel Villa Tavolese

Hotel Villa Tavolese, located on one of the most scenic hills of the Chianti region, offers sojourns in rooms and apartments in historical places, where you can breathe the magic of the past, through the frescoes that are still visible and the immense peaceful areas.

Villa Tavolese

started out as a clergy house and asylum in the early twentieth century and then transformed into a Resort in 1998.

Villa Luisa

Dating back to before the 19th century, they were the residence of the Marquise Luisa Baglioni Stolfi where you can still admire the decorations in the rooms

Solo chi entra dentro con l'intenzione di accantonare momentaneamente la vita di tutti i giorni può davvero gustarsi un'esperienza meravigliosa e rilassante.

The panoramic terrace offers one of the most exciting views of Tuscany; dominating the whole valley, it gives a complete view of the Chianti region starting from the hill of Siena and on to the Towers of San Gimignano and Pogni and finally a glimpse of the hills of Pistoia.